Animal Crackers

I entered Blue Dream Studios at the begining of Animal Crackers pre-production back in 2014. I worked as a previs artist and when previs was done I moved to the Set Dressing department which I supervised. It was a great experience, the crew was incredible.

Unfortunately I cannot show anything I did untill the movie is released, I hope that comes soon.


Pet Robots

Pet Robots | Blue Dream Studios Spain from Blue Dream Studios Spain on Vimeo.

This was a trailer to promote this project. Its was the first thing I did in Blue Dream Studios. By that time we where a very small team and it was a lot of improvisation and hard work. We only had one month to get this done and with all the problems we had to overcome the trailer looks preaty good. I concepted the set and lighting as well as modelling the robots in Maya. I was also in charge of all the previs.


This is a personal project I work during free time. My experience in 3D is mostely in the movie industry but since I worked for videogames at Daedalic and Elite 3D something inside me woke up.
I had this idea for a story in my head I cloudn´t get rid of and I didn´t know what to do with it, a short movie, a script for a movie ( I´m not a whriter so...), I also thought it could work for a comic in 3D,( I didn´t see much of them), or it could be nothing, but as I said I couldn´t get rid of it so I had to do somethin with it. I mostely do environment and set dressing for movies. I just love to create something that doesn´t exist and "bring it to live", a believable world that exist beyod the horizon line or the edges of a screen, a real place. In movies you always work from a camera perspective, there are some sequences or scenes where the action moves around the space and the camera explores it but basically you work from a single point of view.

I´m working in Unity3D to finish a game prototipe. A lot still to do but I´m enjoing and learning a lot in the process.

Here are some concepts, models and videos.

    Robot Pose Rifle
    by Jesus Orillan
    on Sketchfab

    Astronaut Bag
    by Jesus Orillan
    on Sketchfab

Viaje a pies

I worked with Khris Cembe in this beautiful and intriguing short. I was involved in all the 3D shots. Train modelling, camera animations.


I worked in Deadelic Entertainment from February till July this year. I was the lead artist in a team working for a point and click adventure game running in Unity. If you guys like those kind of games you should check what they do, beautiful games. Unfortunately the game I was working in was cancelled and the whole team was dissolved, it was a pity because they were great artist and programmers. The game was looking pretty good but I guess we were the last game in production and they were developing a lot of games, may be it was too much. I can´t show any of the stuff I did.

Space traveler

I was still thinking in that astronaut in a remote world so I decided to release that through this painting. 


Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, GeoControl, WorldMachine, Photoshop.